How do I get technology to work for me?

Phoenix Tech Gurus has over 15 years of experience helping people just like you utilize and manage the technology in their lives and businesses.

Technology has become an indispensible part of how we live and conduct business. However, we may not immediately understand how to implement all of these technologies, nor have the desire or time available to figure it all out. This is where Phoenix Tech Gurus comes in.

We can…

  • do the basics — set up your computer, server, printer, peripherals, smartphone, wireless network, etc., and synchronize your various accounts.
  • come to your aid when your technology isn’t working — or when you’ve lost a password — and fix it, replace it, or make adjustments so that it works the way that you need
  • recommend hardware and software to fill your needs
  • train you to use hardware or software, taking the time to teach you how to use it, and providing clear, easy to follow instructions
  • provide instructional courses for groups
  • interact with other IT helpers, such as technical support for your devices or software, your Internet Service Provider (such as Cox or Centurylink,) or software venders

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